Have you ever looked at someone’s smile and immediately been impressed with how beautiful their teeth were? Did you notice that they seem to enjoy smiling and expressing themselves openly and confidently?

It’s no secret – people feel more confident when their teeth look healthy and feel strong. This confidence extends to both social and professional settings. We have personally witnessed our patients be transformed from shy, reserved types, to happy, outgoing people. Frankly, these transformations are our reward for studying and training for so many years.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing advances that have taken place in dentistry over the last few years. From truly comfortable care, to the most natural looking dental materials, to the use of strong, comfortable implants to replace missing teeth - there has never been a better time to address your dental needs.

May we invite you to our office for a personal consultation? You will learn about specific options that are suited to your unique needs. Even if you are not ready to tackle your dental issues immediately, you will gain a clear understanding of your current needs and treatment options. You will establish a starting point that enables you to intelligently monitor your dental health.

We look forward to seeing you soon, so please call (617) 825-4444 today.

Very best regards,

Anthony B. Oliva, D.M.D

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